CommsCollectiv Introduces Fractional Model For Hiring Elite Communications Talent

NEW JERSEY, November 14, 2023 – In an industry-first move, CommsCollectiv has officially announced the launch of their new fractional employment model for senior-level communications professionals.  This innovative firm offers employers – from private equity and VC firms to startups and established businesses – access to senior-level communications expertise without the commitment or expense of a full-time hire. Founded by five partners with impressive networks and reputations in communications and executive search: Eric Kraus, Jane Randel, Lisa Ryan, Monica Talan, and Charlene Wheeless, CommsCollectiv promises clients access to experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive industry knowledge. 

The power of the company’s value proposition is the collective might of its founders who have built an unparalleled network of senior communications leaders available to take on bespoke assignments across a broad customer base.

“It’s an exhilarating time for us. We’ve all witnessed firsthand the transformative power of effective communications. We’re eager to share our expertise and bridge a glaring gap in the industry,” said Wheeless. “It’s high time businesses had a senior-level talent solution without the traditional constraints. CommsCollectiv is that solution.”

Client-Centric Benefits with CommsCollectiv:

  • Precision Expertise on Demand: No more overextending budgets for full-time senior communications professionals. With CommsCollectiv, businesses gain flexible access to seasoned experts tailored to specific needs and timelines.
  • Cost-Effective Strategy Execution: By leveraging the fractional executive model, companies can expect a higher ROI on their communications spend, ensuring premium expertise without the premium price tag.
  • Comprehensive Suite of Services: From corporate communications, media relations, crisis management, to ESG strategies and investor relations, clients can tap into a wide range of services, all delivered with excellence.
  • Vast Access to Talent: Given the distinguished careers and extensive networks of the founding partners, clients indirectly gain access to a broad spectrum of industry connections and resources, facilitating smoother and more effective communication campaigns.

“CommsCollectiv is pioneering a new era in the fractional executive space by being the first to focus exclusively on the Communications industry. We’re not merely a way to reduce expenses; we provide businesses of all sizes with direct access to a diverse and talented roster of senior-level communications professionals,” added Talan. “It’s not just about the cost-saving potential; it’s about accessing a wealth of knowledge, vast networks, and decades of hands-on experience that makes CommsCollectiv an unbeatable proposition.”

About CommsCollectiv:

Founded by industry-leading executive partners Charlene Wheeless, Eric Kraus, Jane Randel, Lisa Ryan and Monica Talan, CommsCollectiv offers fractional access to an unparalleled roster of communications experts, delivering a perfect blend of quality, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing strategies, enhancing capabilities without disrupting operations.

For a deep dive into what CommsCollectiv can do for your organization, connect with the team at [email protected].


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