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Welcome to a monthly round-up of information relevant
to comms professionals and everyone interested in the fractional model.

February 2024

What is fractional?

It is a rising trend in the workforce, involving engaging employees for a fraction of their time instead of full-time. This approach allows companies to bring on staff for particular projects or tasks without the need for or cost of a long-term employment agreement. This article from Pragna Solutions is a recommended read.

Why is it important?

As the business landscape continues to evolve, more companies are recognizing the value of engaging experienced individuals in fractional roles. This trend presents a unique opportunity for seasoned professionals to leverage their expertise across multiple organizations, often on a contract or consulting basis.

Our perspective

This recent headline, “Fortune 500 companies are eliminating chief marketing officer roles as the position loses C-suite clout,” speaks to how companies are restructuring their leadership teams and poses the opportunity for the fractional roles with senior leaders being accessible to support these teams.

Recent News

We were thrilled that Axios covered the uptick of fractional assignments within the communications industry and even more thrilled that CommsCollectiv was included in the article. Check out the story here if you have not seen it.

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