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May 2024

The Difference Between a Consultant and a Fractional Executive

What’s reflected in the title is something the five CommsCollectiv partners talk about all the time. Not because we are confused, but rather because we want to provide a simple way to differentiate between consultants and fractional executives. Now we have. We recently added a downloadable chart outlining the Scope of Work, Engagement Duration, Level of Engagement, Expertise and Specialization; and Cost Structure of each to our website. Both are extremely valuable models, but when you see them side-by-side you really see how fractional executives operate in a distinct and valuable space. Let us know if you agree.

Embracing the Rise of Fractional CXOs: A Paradigm Shift in Executive Leadership

Continuing on this theme, Sandra Lopez, a Fractional CMO & GM, co-authored a piece on the emergence of Fractional CXOs and why it’s important to understand why they are more than just “rebranded consultants.” Take a read.


Reid Hoffman recently created an AI version of himself and recorded a Q&A between the real Reid and REID AI. Per Reid, himself: “The video avatar is generated by Hour One, its voice was created by Eleven Labs, and its persona…is generated from a custom chatbot built on GPT-4 that was trained on my books, speeches, podcasts and other content that I’ve produced over the last few decades.”

NOTE: As we look to ensure transparency in AI, we would recommend always labeling when a video like this is created using AI.

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