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Our Offerings

– Audience identification
– Message mapping & positioning strategy
– Thought leadership development

– Internal communications strategy
– Change management communications
– Executive visibility & messaging

– Investor relations
– Quarterly earnings support
– M&A/transaction communications

– Strategy including outreach & response
– Define influencer outreach

– Crisis preparedness planning
– Rapid response execution
– Post-crisis evaluation

– Tracking & analysis
– Stakeholder mapping
– Issue mitigation strategies

– Materiality assessments
– Sustainability reporting

– Communications audits
– Impact analysis & dashboards
– Program optimization

– Agency selection & contracting
– Scope & budget optimization
– Performance reviews


The CommsCollectiv team has distinctive proficiency in several key areas and can provide workshops on many subjects, including:

Crisis Readiness: Guide in the development of tools and strategies to navigate unforeseen challenges, ensuring brand protection, resilience, and continuity.

Taking Advantage of Emerging Tech: Explore the potential of blockchain, Web3, and AI, illuminating how comms teams can harness these for competitive advantage.

Building a Best-in-Class Comms Team: Outline the essential elements of a top-tier team and how to nurture talent to ensure cohesion, productivity, and innovation.

Agency Management and Assessment: Provide clients with an in-depth assessment of their PR agency, its programs, and results, ensuring PR objectives are being met and program elements reflect best-in-class practices to garner meaningful results.

Diversity in Action: Deep dive into the importance of diverse representation, intersectionality, inclusive practices, and how these influence brand perception, relevance, and employee engagement, including strategies for internal DE&I communication especially as headwinds against DE&I increase.

Communicating Your Value Proposition: Help clients crystalize and communicate their unique value, differentiating them in a saturated market.

Recruiting and Retention in Comms: Dive into best practices for sourcing top-tier communications talent and strategies to foster long-term loyalty and reduce turnover.

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