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Why Go Fractional


Years of relevant experience and track records of success.

Cost Savings

Access to proven professionals without the cost of hiring full-time staff.


Ability to scale up or down depending on business needs.

A fractional senior communications executive brings more value, expertise, adaptability with the potential for longer-term value.

The Difference Between a Consultant and a Fractional (Interim) Executive

Scope of Work


are typically brought in to analyze a specific situation and provide specialized expertise, advice, and recommendations to address a problem, improve performance, or achieve goals.

Fractional Executives

are brought in to fill a specific role and/or need within an organization, but are not full-time employees. They are integrated into the company’s operations and provide ongoing counsel, expertise, and support.

Engagement Duration


usually work on a project basis, offering their services for a defined period or until specific objectives are met.

Fractional Executives

are typically engaged for a more extended period to fill an ongoing role and/or need within the organization.

Level of Integration


work more independently, and their involvement is often limited to the specific project they are hired to address.

Fractional Executives

are more deeply integrated into the company’s operations, collaborating with the existing team to achieve short- and long-term objectives, and immediately contributing to the continuing success of the organization.

Expertise and Specialization


are often highly specialized in a particular area or industry and are brought in to provide their expertise at various levels within an organization.

Fractional Executives

are often employed for senior-level positions and have a broader range of skills and experience that can be applied to various functions within the organization. They help organizations improve and execute their communications strategies, strengthen their brand reputations, and navigate challenging situations.

Cost Structure


typically charge pre-determined hourly or project-based rates that can be hard to negotiate.

Fractional Executives

generally work fewer hours than a full-time employee, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses needing specialized skills. They eliminate the cost associated with hiring full-time top talent.

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