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April 2024

Journalism, Communications, and AI

If you have not seen it, Muckrack’s “State of Journalism 2024” report highlights the evolving landscape of journalism, emphasizing the critical role of technology and social media.

According to the report, a third of journalists are concerned about funding and trust, with layoffs prevalent. A majority seek hybrid work, despite long hours and pay that does not always align. The research found AI’s role is growing, with 28% using it mainly for research and brainstorming, while social media remains vital for promotion of their work.

Why is this important
Recently, someone mentioned a client inquiring how to distinguish between interacting with a reporter or AI. This report gains importance as it dives into reporters’ AI utilization. Understanding how journalists incorporate AI in their workflow, from research to content creation, equips PR professionals to better tailor their media relations strategy, ensuring they resonate with the current dynamics of journalism, marked by an intertwined relationship between human insight and artificial intelligence capabilities.
Read the report here: State of Journalism 2024 (

Fractional vs Freelance: Decoding the Difference

What’s the difference between fractional employees and freelancers? One is typically engaged for longer durations and provides ongoing strategic support across various functions of a business. The other is most often hired for specific projects with defined timelines. Both offer expertise and flexibility in pricing, but fractional employees are akin to part-time members of the team. Read more about why fractional employees work well for start-ups and learn a little more about the roles beyond comms where fractional executives are helpful in this post: The Rise of Fractional Hiring: A Game Changer for Start-Ups

10 Reasons Fractional Executives Could Transform Your Business in 2024

This recent article speaks to how fractional executives can transform your business in ways you might not have considered. 10 Reasons Fractional Executives Could Transform Your Business in 2024 – ColoradoBiz Magazine

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