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How It Works

Needs Assessment

An initial conversation with the CommsCollectiv team about the business, its size, potential length of engagement, and goals will help determine the scope of work, success metrics, and a profile of the ideal candidate.

Evaluate Candidates

The CommsCollectiv team has a vast network of experienced communicators with a broad range of skills who have held top jobs at organizations of all sizes and industries. All CommsCollectiv candidates undergo a rigorous review of their qualifications.

Relationship Management

CommsCollectiv will manage contract development and billing and connect with both the client and the fractional executive to ensure mutual satisfaction. We handle the administrative details so you can take advantage of the benefits of working with top talent and focus your time where it matters most — your business.

Easy-to-Use Platform

CommsCollectiv will provide an entry point to the world of fractional executives, enabling clients to:

  • Make inquiries
  • Schedule interviews with candidates
  • Comment on Master Service Agreements and Statements of Work
  • Provide real-time feedback
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