The Role of a Chief Communications Officer

The chief communications officer (CCO) is a senior executive position that oversees an organization’s internal and external communications. The CCO is responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies that advance the organization’s goals and protect its reputation.

What does a CCO do?
Some of the key responsibilities of a CCO include:

Developing and executing a strategic communications plan: The CCO creates comprehensive plans for internal communications, media relations, social media, crisis communications, and other initiatives to align messaging and engagement with business objectives.

Stakeholder engagement: The CCO identifies key stakeholders such as employees, customers, investors and suppliers and employs communications to help build enduring relationships based on transparency and trust.

Advising leadership: The CCO serves as a strategic advisor to the CEO, executive team, and board of directors on matters of public perception, media coverage, and communication challenges and opportunities.

Managing teams: The CCO oversees communication department staff including public relations, social media, creative services, speechwriting, and internal communications professionals.

Leading brand messaging: The CCO shapes messaging to build and protect the organization’s brand across all communication channels. This includes setting the tone and voice for external and internal messaging.

Overseeing media relations: The CCO builds relationships with media outlets and journalists and oversees response strategies to media inquiries and publicity opportunities.

Guiding crisis communication: The CCO gets ahead of and responds to crises, controversies, and reputation threats through proactive planning and urgent messaging.

Coordinating leadership communications: The CCO prepares spokespeople through messaging guidance, talking points, speechwriting, and media training.

The CCO Role in the C-Suite
The CCO is a vital strategic role in the C-suite. As the head of communications, the CCO partners with other executives to align business objectives with effective communication strategies. The CCO role has grown increasingly important for organizations that value their brands, relationships, and reputations. An experienced communications leader in this role can help convey organizational purpose, drive desired outcomes, and protect against crises.

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